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Call-out for actions and manifestations on the 22 February 2014 !

From the ZAD to Val Susa !
From Hambacher Forst to Square Taksim ?
Why not in your place ?

Resistance and Sabotage !

This call-out is motivated by
- the call-out of the NoTAV movement at Val di Susa in Italy
calling for a national day (22 02 2014) of mobilisation and action, each one in their area, city, environment.
- the call-out of the ZAD movement at Notre-dame-des-Landes in France
calling for a national manifestation in Nantes, France

This is a call-out for actions and manifestations on the 22 February 2014 !

Gorleben Castor-Proteste ab dem 24. November

Castor-Proteste ab dem 24. November
Großkundgebung in Dannenberg am 26. November ab 12.30 Uhr. Danach weitere Widerstandsaktionen. Tag X vermutlich am 1. Advent, also dem 27. November.

Children Of War

America, the country I live in, is a great nation and despite the flaws characterizing all great nations throughout history we try and hold hope our leaders try to do what's right (most of the time). No matter our political differences and beliefs most of us are loyal to and have faith in our country. Where there are issues, it's not that we wish to give up on the good old US. In fact it's just the opposite, we simply want to see things fixed here and there, just the process of refinement as allowed for by our constitution.